You are a goddess, you don't remember but you are a goddess. Reconnect With Your Inner Goddess

You are a goddess, you don't remember but you are a goddess. Reconnect With Your Inner Goddess Sacred Feminine Energy. Growing up, how many times as little girls did we hear our parents, teachers, church minister, tell us that we were goddesses? None! More of the opposite. Actually, the legend tells that man was kicked out of the heavenly divine garden of Eden because of a woman! Like really?

So let us get this straight. We as women were chosen by the highest power to birth life into this world. Our sacred wombs carry, nurture and grow to full term for nine months a baby, we are the sacred vessel from which all human life come forth. Yet, we are to blame for the sins of man kind? 

No, my parents, teachers, priest didn't told me I was a goddess. They told me to marry have children and be obedient to my man. Cook, clean, don't think too much, don't talk too much and be a good wife.

But I know who I AM and I know I'm so much more than that. Patriarchal societies who destroyed the matriarchal way of life, can kiss my ass!  I know my power, I know who I'm and it's time we WOMEN remember who we are! 

Because we live in times where the sacred feminine energy the goddess within is much needed, and we all as women, needs to RISE!

Today I want to remind you how powerful, beautiful, wise and divine YOU ARE!

May your inner goddess gives you the strength and courage to rebel against what you know is wrong, and stand up for what is our right! Walk on this Earth with your head high, with confidence and pride!

And when someone wants to make you feel less? Remind them that without you it simply won't be human life populating this earth. That's how important YOU ARE my beautiful goddess.

In Light, Love & Crystal Healing

Ana Satya

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