I started making my own homemade Skincare products in 2011 when I was 41 years old, and out of pure concern and frustration. At that time, I was healing from Dis-Ease (You can read my story here if you want) and my skin was noticeably dull, dry, with dark circles and lots of very noticeable wrinkles, specially around my eyes. I tried all kind of cosmetic products without experiencing any real change and the ones promising excellent result were all filled with super unhealthy toxic ingredients, that I personally will never put on my skin, so looking for a real solution, I decided to start making my own products instead.


I have been into Holistic Health & Healing for over 30 years now and I know a lot about Herbs, Plants & Nature's Natural resources, so I started creating my own creams using only 100% Natural Herbs, Essential Oils, Plants & Quartz crystals.

My very first product was my Anti-Wrinkle Crystal Eye Cream, after experiencing amazing results on myself I shared it  with friends, family, and some loyal customers very interested in trying it. They also noticed great results and wanted to get more, so I decided to make small batches and started selling it on my website

Turning 50 in 2021 and I have never used any other Skincare product that I do not make myself. Many of my customers have told me that they're not using any other products since they started using mine. You can read some of their reviews on the testimonial's page. My goal is not to be wrinkle free because the only way to accomplish that is by using methods such as plastic surgery or chemical loaded facial treatments and that is something I will never do, not saying that there is something wrong with it, but I prefer to be a natural woman from the inside out. What I want however is to take the best care of myself and my skin and embrace aging naturally and gracefully.

I do consider my Skincare Line to be oriented and focused on mature skin, but be assured that they can be used by all women (and men) of all ages, looking to have a more beautiful, healthy and glowing skin. 


I'm very proud of the products I lovingly and consciously create, using only 100% Natural Earth friendly Ingredients that are not only good for your skin, but very effective. I hope you give my products a try. I think that your skin will love you for that.

In Light, Love & Healing

Ana Satya is a website that I have created to exclusively focus on my Skincare Products & Remedies for the body. If you are interested or looking to buy Crystal Healing jewelry, Crystal Specimens, Crystal Healing Kits or Small Quartz Crystals, please visit my other website were you will find all these items and more.

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